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Data Access and Pricing

Approved by Mesonet Steering Committee, August 17, 2011

The mission of the Oklahoma Mesonet is to operate a world-class environmental monitoring network, to deliver high-quality observations and timely value-added products to Oklahoma citizens, to support state decision makers, to enhance public safety and education, and to stimulate advances in resource management, agriculture, industry, and research.  The Mesonet receives recurring state funding to support a portion of its operating expenses.  In addition, the Mesonet must raise several hundred thousand dollars annually in external grants, contracts, and data sales to operate the network.

All Oklahoma Mesonet data are copyrighted and have quality assurance pre-applied.  With the exception of media users (Category 1 below), no redistribution of the data is allowed.  Penalty is termination of access to data and possible legal action to recover lost revenue. 

The cost structure for Mesonet data is organized according to the following user groups and/or purposes:

Category 1:  Media Redistributors

  • Television:  Access to real-time data and archive. Rate dependent on market size:
    • Oklahoma City-area Market: $375.00 monthly 
    • Tulsa-area Market: $200.00 monthly 
    • Smaller Market:  $50.00 monthly
    • Download agreement
  • Newspaper/Web:  Data fees are waived as long as Mesonet logo and link to are included.
  • Radio:  Data fees are waived as long as Mesonet is acknowledged.

Category 2: Commercial/Business Customers

  • Standard fees for data and data services apply (see official rates below that have been approved by the Mesonet Steering Committee).
  • In addition to standard fees, a data handling fee of $50 per hour will be assessed for data tailored to special needs, with a minimum charge of $20.
  • Download agreement

Category 3:  Individuals, Public Agencies, and Non-Profit Organizations

  • Those inside Oklahoma:  Contact for requests.  Data fees are waived.
  • Those outside Oklahoma:  Fees for data and data services are the same as for Category 2 above.  Download agreement

Category 4:  Research and Academic Users

  • Those inside Oklahoma:  Data fees are waived.  A list of all individual scientists using the data must be provided to the Mesonet.  Any non-Oklahoma scientists on this list must have substantive research/academic interactions with their Oklahoma collaborators. Please read the attached letter to Oklahoma Researchers.
  • Those outside Oklahoma: Standard fees for data and data services apply (see attached official rates approved by the Mesonet Steering Committee), but not to exceed 10% of the grant/contract except in special cases.  Data fees may be waived for exploratory, non-funded research so long as the user signs an agreement indicating that Mesonet data services/fees will be included in any future proposals or contracts utilizing Mesonet data. Please read the attached letter to Non-Oklahoma Researchers.


Fees for Data and Data Services from the Oklahoma Mesonet

Last Update:  17 August 2011


Individual Station ($20 minimum)

  per observation per day per month per year
Monthly     $1.00 $10.00
Daily     $2.00 $15.00
Hourly $0.02 $0.50 $14.00 $105.00
30-minute $0.02 $0.75 $20.00 $150.00
15-minute $0.02 $1.50 $30.00 $225.00
5-minute $0.02 $2.00 $50.00 $375.00

Whole Network ($20 minimum)

  per observation per day per month per year
Daily   $10 $63 $750
Hourly $1.00 $20 $375 $4,500
30-minute $1.00 $40 $625 $7,500
15-minute $1.00 $60 $938 $11,250
5-minute $1.00 $80 $1250 $15,000

Whole network data at all time increments are available for $1250/year after three calendar years have passed.  For instance, during calendar year 2018, data for 2014 and prior are eligible for this discounted rate.

Station Monthly Summaries

Individual station:  $2 per month ($20 minimum)
Annual subscription $20; $10 each additional station

Whole network:  $63 per month
Annual subscription $475

Summarized Data $2 per day of data included in summary ($20 minimum)

Note:  Model Data/Archived Files are charged the same as Daily Data.  

Data for multiple stations are prorated according to the number of stations requested, up to the whole-network fees.

Fees apply to all standard variables or any subset of those variables measured by the Mesonet; fees will not be prorated on a per-variable basis.

Redistribution of Mesonet data purchased under this policy is prohibited.  Mesonet Data (observations) are subject to additional charges for limited redistribution privileges. 

Fees are subject to change without notice.